Recordings - I Swing... Therefore I Am
Doug Haining - I Swing... Therefore I am

Doug Haining - Alto Saxophone & Clarinet
Tim Sullivan - Trumpet
John Boblett - Trombone
Rick Carlson - Piano
Kent Saunders - Guitar
Steve Pikal - Bass
Brett Forberg - Drums

Produced by Doug Haining
Recorded at Wild Sound, 2000
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Engineer: Matthew Zimmerman


I Swing... Therefore I Am
The Twin Cities Seven
01. Big Shoe (full track)
02. Taps Miller
03. Stardust
04. Discontented Blues
05. Robbin's Nest (full track)
06. I Want a Little Girl
07. Topsy
08. Black and Tan Fantasy
09. I Never Knew
10. Isn't It Romantic (full track)
11. Easy Money

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This album offers an ample sample of splendid, communal small-group swing in the grand tradition of Count Basie's Kansas City Seven and Duke Ellington's sideman ensembles. The recording itself is gorgeous in the old-fashioned manner, with everybody in the same room, recording the same song at the same time. Such music requires a sense of ease, command and confidence. It's gotta sound both lazy and lively, lived-in and fresh. Alto saxophonist/clarinetist Haining, along with his crack crew of Wolverines Jazz Orchestra mates and other pals, has zero trouble getting the feel of the deal. His spare, skillful three-horn arrangements very gently tweak such old warhorses as "Taps Miller" and a happily-driving "I Never Knew."

--Tom Surowicz, Minneapolis writer
(Published October 15, 2000 in The Minneapolis StarTribune, Minneapolis, MN, USA. Used by permission.)

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